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White Pants Out For A Wedding

Shopping White Pants For Women in a Sale With Range of Styles for All Sorts of Pants in Australia

Everybody knows that wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no, but times are changing, and wedding colour leniency is evolving. For the most part, white should be avoided as a guest, but a small pop of white isn't out of the question, so can you wear white pants to a wedding?

Wearing white pants to a wedding is possible only if you pair it with a bright-coloured or patterned shirt, but it still isn't recommended unless the dress code allows for it. The wedding theme and location are important factors in determining whether you can wear white pants, and you should check with the bridal party first.

Before you put your white pants on and head out to the wedding, there are a couple of things to consider regarding etiquette. There are also a few tips to remember and white pants alternatives to ensure you keep the bride happy while still looking trendy!

Understanding Wedding Etiquette: Wearing White

Shopping White Pants For Women in a Sale With Range of Styles for All Sorts of Pants in Australia

The rule of no white clothing at a wedding for guests is an unspoken one, and there's very little a bride can do to tell you not to wear white besides on the invitation. Why can't you wear white? The colour is reserved for the bride and groom to stand out on their special day. They may even have some of the wedding party wear white too.

Nine out of ten times, the wedding invite won't mention anything about avoiding white, as it should be common knowledge, and the bride might not want to seem demanding. However, the invitation or wedding website will guide you on the attire suitable for the wedding, stating the theme, dress code, or colours.

If the wedding has a white theme, a growing trend these days, you've got the green light to party away in white pants! If the theme or dress code colours are not stated, and you're unsure, you should seek advice from the bride or bridal party before wearing white pants.

Why White Pants To A Wedding Could Be A Bad Idea

  • You might upstage or upset the bride.
  • The bride might wear white pants to the reception.
  • You could get confused or clash with members of the wedding party.
  • You could embarrass yourself amongst the married couple's family and friends.
  • It's traditionally considered distasteful to wear white to someone else's wedding.
  • White paints get dirty quickly.

Modern Trends And Flexibility

Modern-day trends and the growing relaxation on traditional weddings allow some wiggle room with wearing white as a non-bride. Many brides might not even blink an eye if you choose to wear a stunning pair of white pants, but it is a gamble, and permission is the better way to go about things.

If the wedding has a seaside, casual, or neutral-coloured theme, white pants could be an appropriate choice, but only if the top you wear contrasts it. You should never go to a wedding wearing all white, so your shirt or blouse choice should not be a light colour that could photograph as white.

Assessing The Wedding Invitation And Venue

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The great part about white pants is that they're elegant and versatile and should be able to match just about any theme! A proper look at the wedding invitation should give enough hints to deem your white pants appropriate.

Beach weddings require a relaxed, airy vibe, so you shouldn't have to stress too much about white pants, as long as your shirt or blouse contrasts the white. Garden and outdoor weddings could spell disaster for white pants because of dirt and mud.

Contemporary or modern-themed weddings lean towards a clean, sleek aesthetic, and a bold move with white pants could work flawlessly. Casual-attired weddings also present an opportunity for white pants. Traditional themed weddings mean you should give them a skip.

Tips For Wearing White Pants To A Wedding

Shopping Brand For White Linen Pants and Womens White Pants Either Urban Classics or A Classic Pair in our Collection

If you've got the perfect pair just waiting for a formal occasion, and the theme or location looks like it could be suitable, then you'll want to keep a few tips in mind before wearing them.

#1 Ask Someone For Advice

If you know the bride well or someone else who does, you should contact them about your bold fashion choice to ensure you don't step on someone's toes. The wedding theme and location may perfectly match your white pants, but it might still upset the bride - it doesn't hurt to ask!

#2 Wear A Contrasting Shirt Or Blouse

If you are looking to wear white pants to a wedding and are a guest, it would not be appropriate to wear a white shirt. Often times the bride might switch to a comfier reception outfit, such as a white shirt and top, to remain chic and bridal. Your complete white ensemble will end up upstaging the bride.

Bright colours or patterns should be your go-to option so that there are no unwanted bridal clashes. You can still wear neutrals but avoid cream and light pink that looks white. Luckily white pants are a versatile wardrobe item, and you should have no issue finding a stylish printed or coloured blouse to match it!

#3 Choose The Right Style And Material

Even if the wedding is casual, white jeans aren't quite formal enough for the occasion. Your white pants should be anything other than denim material. Well-tailored white trousers or a wide-legged design will look best and make the fashion statement you're looking for.

#4 Accessorize Correctly

You'll want to tone down the white pants to make them wedding appropriate. A statement belt will do the trick, along with stunning jewellery to complete the look. Avoid white accessories like shoes and bags so that you don't have too much white in your outfit.

White Pants Alternatives

Shopping For White Linen Pants and Womens White Pants Either Urban Classics or A Classic Pair in our Collection

If you need a stylish outfit for a wedding but white pants don't make the cut, many other options don't cause any etiquette concerns yet still look sleek and fashionable.

Some other options include:

  • Pastel colour pants like blush pink, mint green, or light blue such as the exquisite Clare Pants from Auteur.
  • Neutral colour pants like ivory, beige, or light grey like this Rossi Pant from Bayse.
  • Patterned or textured pants, such as these flowy Lito Pants by D'Artemide.
  • Jumpsuits

If you're still set on a white pants ensemble, these are some of the best designer options:


Browse and Shop Womens White Pants on Sale With Style With a Wide Range for All Occasions

If the wedding theme, dress code, and location warrant a pair of white pants, you should get away with it without causing any trouble, but it's best to ask someone at the bridal party first. Also, remember to wear a contrasting shirt and appropriate accessories.


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