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What is the Best Swimsuit to Minimize Bust

  • 4 min read

A day at the beach or by the pool should be a celebration of sun, sand, and style, where confidence takes centre stage.

For those of you with larger busts, choosing the perfect swimsuit isn’t just about fashion it’s about finding a fit that provides comfort, support, and a flattering silhouette.

At Girls with Gems, we know that the trick is to embrace your curves while feeling secure at the same time. That’s why we offer a range of swimwear for big busts, ensuring every woman finds her perfect beach match.

However, before we get to the solutions, let’s take a deeper look at some of the challenges facing women with larger busts because making the wrong choice can bring about a slew of problems leading to discomfort, self-consciousness, and frustration.

Lack of Support

Swimsuits not designed for larger busts often lack adequate support. Thin straps or flimsy fabrics fail to provide the necessary reinforcement, leading to discomfort and an insecure fit. This lack of support can result in constant readjustment and, worse, potential wardrobe malfunctions. That's why opting for full bust swimwear with proper support is essential.

Spillage and Overflow

Choosing swimwear with insufficient coverage can lead to the dreaded spillage. Ill-fitting tops can cause breast tissue to spill over the cups, creating a bulging effect. This not only feels uncomfortable but also affects confidence, making wearers feel self-conscious. To mitigate this, consider our bikinis for big busts that provide ample coverage and support.

Strap Woes

Thin spaghetti straps or non-adjustable bands are common in many swimwear styles, often leading to strain on the shoulders. Women with larger busts find themselves battling shoulder pain due to the added weight the straps bear, resulting in discomfort during prolonged wear.

Limited Options

Many trendy swimwear designs cater to smaller bust sizes, leaving limited choices for women with larger busts. Styles that look stunning on smaller-busted individuals may not offer the same appeal or fit for those with ample busts, leading to a feeling of exclusion. That's why our range includes stylish and accommodating swimwear for large busts, ensuring you have a variety of trendy options.

Imbalanced Proportions

Ill-fitting swimwear often fails to provide a balanced look. Tops that are too tight can flatten the chest or cause unsightly bulges, while bottoms might not complement the top, creating an overall disproportionate appearance. We offer swimwear specifically designed for a full bust, ensuring tops and bottoms are proportionate and flattering.


The struggle to find suitable swimwear for large busts can trigger feelings of self-consciousness. Constantly adjusting, worrying about slippage, or feeling exposed leads to discomfort both physically and emotionally, impacting the enjoyment of beach or pool outings. Our swimwear for large busts is designed to fit seamlessly and securely, ensuring you feel confident and look great.

To Overcome the Struggle, Consider the Following Suggestions

Seek specialised brands offering swimwear designed for larger busts, prioritising support and comfort. Embrace styles with adjustable straps, underwire, or thicker bands for added reinforcement, and finally, prioritise quality and fit over trends, ensuring swimwear offers ample coverage and support.

As well as the above tips, you might also want to consider the following:

The Supportive Bikini Top

Underwire Bikini Tops: Look for bikinis with underwire support. These structured tops offer additional lift and shaping while ensuring proper support for larger busts, allowing you to feel confident and secure.

High-Neck Bikini Tops: Opt for high-neck styles that provide extra coverage without compromising style. They offer great support and minimise the appearance of a larger bust while keeping you fashion-forward.

Flattering One-Piece Swimsuits

V-Neck or Plunging Necklines: One-piece swimsuits with plunging or V-necklines draw attention upwards, creating an elongating effect and diverting focus from the bust, providing a flattering and balanced look.

Wrap-Style Swimsuits: A wrap-style one-piece with a tie or knot detail at the waist creates a slimming effect. It offers control and defines the waist while providing ample coverage and support for the bust.

Ruched or Textured Tops

Ruched Bikini Tops: Swimsuit tops with ruching or textured fabrics help camouflage and distract from a larger bust. They add visual interest while minimising the appearance of volume.

Adjustable Straps and Thick Bands

Thick-Strap Bikini Tops: Opt for bikini tops with wider straps or bands, as they provide better support and reduce strain on the shoulders, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Adjustable Straps: Look for swimsuits with adjustable straps, allowing you to customise the fit for optimal comfort and support, catering specifically to your body's needs.

Considered Patterns and Colors

Darker Shades: Dark-colored tops create a slimming effect, making the bust appear smaller. They draw less attention compared to brighter hues.

Strategic Prints: Consider swimsuits with strategic prints or patterns. Diagonal or asymmetrical patterns divert attention from the bust, creating a balanced silhouette.

Tips for the Perfect Fit

Proper Bust Coverage: Ensure the swimsuit provides adequate coverage for the bust without spillover or discomfort.

Functional Fabrics: Look for swimwear made with quality, stretchy fabrics that offer both support and comfort.

Trial and Error: Experiment with different styles and sizes to find the most flattering and comfortable fit for your body shape.


Finding the best swimwear style for a larger bust or the best bikini for a big bust is about embracing your curves while feeling confident and comfortable. With these tips and swimwear styles in mind, you can hit the beach or poolside with confidence, celebrating your unique shape in swimwear that not only fits but flatters beautifully.


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