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Going To Europe This Summer?

  • 2 min read


It’s about that time of the year again, girls. 

The mornings are colder, the evenings come quicker and the much-loved spaghetti straps we sported on summer days, slowly but surely, become buried at the bottom of our drawers
Winter in Sydney. And outwardly, we’re doing ok. We’re smiling, cheerful, stylish in our new P.E Nation puffers, going about our usual routines.
We ask one another how we are, how our jobs are going, our plans for the weekend, but really, there’s only one thing we want to know…That same single thought is brewing in all of us.
We’re all just finding the right words, the appropriate point in conversation to ask it…the perennial question…

Don’t say it…. Don’t say it… Don’t say it…


Before you rush to the terminal and triumphantly pose before that Departures sign. #europebound #weout. Before you yield to the winter tedium, close this window and purchase another pair of double knit socks, you're going to want to read this:

5 ESSENTIAL PIECES NECESSARY FOR ANY EUROPEAN HOLIDAY (both those imminent or in years to come)

Yep, we're well aware that very notion of packing a suitcase can culminate into a sort of existential dread, so we're here to help you out! Our girls have made a careful inventory of our clothing shelves, sifted the piles, ravaged the rack to bring you our fave five, our gems for and each day this week, we'll be revealing one.
Trust us, when we say these will be your gems on any European holiday, soon or for years to come. So, whether Mykonos is on the horizon for you, or you’ll be opting this year for the more vicarious type of trip (following Kendal Jenner’s stories with a routine-like diligence) these pieces will imbue your wardrobe with some necessary "La Dolce Vita" love.
See you at 10 AM tomorrow for our first pick!


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