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Europe Packing List, ITEM ONE

  • 2 min read

We returning to you today with our 5 essential pieces necessary for any European holiday (both those imminent or in years to come).


As promised, each day this week, we’ll be presenting you one piece from our top 5 must haves for any European wardrobe.


First on our list for any holiday? You’re going to need a swimsuit.


Not just any regular tie-side swimsuit, but something versatile, flattering and chic enough to see you through moments planned and unplanned; those lunches that accidentally slip into dinners, the accidental sunrises…


Flimsy fickle pieces, brazilian-cut that’s barely there aren’t made to last… they won’t serve you well when the dream-like holiday mist fizzles. 


1. A Hunza G Bikini 

If there’s one thing you simply must own, it’s this.
Made from the very fabric that turned Julia Roberts into a pretty woman, Hunza G rose to cult-like status after the eponymous “Hunza G” dress was showcased in the film. Since then that oh-so-forgiving sheer-sucker fabric has sculpted and shaped booty’s around the globe.  
The swimsuit styles they offer are the classic kinds we know and love. For a simple bandeau two piece, try the Gigi or Jean Bikini. For smaller chests, the Gloria Bikini adds a little sophistication, diverse enough to suit all shapes and skin tones; from neutral beige to racy tangerine, lowback leotards or two-piece bandeaus all crafted with that same flattering crinkle-cut; it’s this that makes them most special. A knitted lycra and elastane combo that flexes and molds to the wearer's individual body, a fabric that’s characteristically Hunza G. If you prefer a one piece, you opt for the Pamela Swim or Square Neck Swim.  
Wear them alone, with a simple piece by D’Artemide, a pair of shortsby Neuw Denim or a dress by Patbo. Dress it up, dress it down. These pieces can elevate any look and feel a little less bare than the average suit. Chameleon-like, flattering enough to be worn on the beach, elegant enough to be worn in the eve.  
With no seams, no ties and one size fits all approach, a Hunza Gdefies all logic.
This is it; the perfect swimsuit, it will mask any sunburn, any belly bloat and last you a dozen summers. 
P.S we say, if that crinkle cut fabric can land Julia Roberts Richard Gere, it deserves to come with us on a European holiday. 


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