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Europe Packing List, ITEM TWO

  • 1 min read
In a place where all are scantily clad, we think there’s something oddly alluring about being in a full-length gown. Keep the short skirts and skimpier pieces for the sand, a European evening calls for a touch of elegance and class!


When donned in the Nour dress by Sonya Moda, you’ll turn heads. Made from a silk fabric that sculps all while evoking a silky liquescent lustre. It’s moonlight in material form. Every wear offers with it a tactic promise to make an emphatic entrance.


Elusive, sensual and bond-girl-esque, this is the kind of gown that forms the frame of every fantasy. It’s what we wish we could wear the first time we unexpectedly run into our ex.


A dress of dualities. The one shoulder neckline and structured silhouette says elegance, the key-hole cut-out and high split screams seduction. 


Wear it with dainty H Sandalsor Tony Bianco stilettos, white-tipped toes, a bronzed glow, crushed gold earrings by Amber Sceats or All My Heart earrings by Mayol and a wry little smile. To a dinner date, in front of the mirror, riding horseback, gliding down a marble staircase. 

In it, you will be a femme fatal fantasy. 

We think every woman needs a dress like this in their armoury and the Nour is a sultry, silky dream!


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