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Europe Packing List, ITEM THREE

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With a halter tie around the neck, cut-out torso and a low back, this is sensuality materialised. A gown that supersedes the need for frugal cuts and gaudy print, it celebrates the subtle nuances that encapsulate a long-forgotten feminine allure; delicately highlighting the wearers from the nape of a neck, the pearl of the spine.

In it, you will stand out amongst the sea of hip-hugging bodycon, the too-tight lycra that flit and flock from table to table in search of yellow-taillow sashimi to plaster on their Instagram story. Ethereal and grecian-like. It embodies a Mediterranean Breeze. It’s made for motion, movement, dancing and fun.  

D’Artemide garments are all hand sewn in Athens, threaded from the finest cotton, which means every dress is crafted with love and careful intention. When you purchase one of their gowns, you too are purchasing a little piece of Mediterannean magic that pledges to last you a lifetime.  

Pair with our H Sandals, a heel or even barefoot, this is the ensemble to imbue you with confidence and allow you to be your own muse. 

The light-weight maxi skirt with a high-split will make you feel like your gliding, attract the eyes as you walk, and that daring low-cut back will ensure that all attentions are retained as you leave… 

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