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Europe Packing List, ITEM FOUR

  • 1 min read

I know, I know in our realm of lazy coffee-shop brunches and Bondi to Bronte walks, we favour a lax way of living with a dress-code to match. Simple styles, simple cuts. That means initially this print might feel a little much, you even may think it’s something you can’t pull off but…. slip this on and it’s hard not to smile.


Put down the neutrals and basics, girlthisis the shirt you didn’t know you needed.


The colourful and eclectic print offers all the fun and flare of a dress with the carefree ease and functionality of a shirt.


It’s versatile enough to travel with you to the beach, to the club and to all things in between. Easy to slip on (or slip off… if the mood arises), this dress is aptly named and exudes a combination of what can only be described  as “European boujery” (excuse our lack for a better word). 

Reminder: A holiday is the ideal setting to be a little wild, be a little daring. Taste new flavours, foods…

You are about to enter the very place where Versace and Dolce and Gabbana all spawned, where flamboyant loud prints reign supreme and resultantly must dress the part.  


Wear it over a Hunza G bikini, as a shirt dress with a bold lip and wedges or throw it in the bottom of your beach bag, a faithful little cover up to addsomething very special to a late-night rendezvous.


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