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How Do You Make A Summer Dress Look Formal?

  • 5 min read
Women's Summer Dresses
Attention, fashion-forward ladies! Have you ever wanted to turn your beloved summer dress into a stunning, formal ensemble? Well, fret no more! We've got you covered with some fabulous tips to help you elevate your favourite breezy frock for those special occasions. With clever styling tricks, you can effortlessly transform your summer dress into a sophisticated outfit for formal events!
You can make a summer dress look formal by slipping on heels, stilettos, jewellery, accessories, blazers, and fur jackets. Black stilettos and heels are timeless and sophisticated, and jewellery like necklaces & bracelets adds spark and colour, while blazers & fur jackets add contrast and curiosity. 
There's more to glamming up a summer dress than grabbing the first thing that catches your eye! Let's go over the importance of choosing the right jewellery to complement your features and how your shoes can elevate you to command attention. We'll include many practical examples to help you paint the perfect summer dress outfit, so let’s get started!

Forget Sneakers Or Sandals: Bring On The Heels

Women's Summer Dresses
Your favourite pair of cute sneakers and stylish sandals are perfect for adding a casual twist to your summer dress, but formal events demand elegance! 
A pair of glamorous heels like the Naxos White and Myra Gold from Tony Bianco or the Chantelle Heel from Lana Wilkinson create an undeniable allure and sophistication that can transform your summer dress into a beautiful evening dress.
By adding height and accentuating your legs, you amplify the inherent femininity of a summer dress, elevating it to a new level of chic. An eye-catching pair of heels effortlessly command attention and bring an element of power and confidence to your stride, making a statement that is impossible to ignore!
When it comes to rocking a summer dress, not only do heels introduce a touch of formality and elegance to your casual and breezy ensemble, you enhance your poise and gain style points. Moreover, heels have the incredible power to add a dash of contrast and intrigue to your overall look. 
Imagine pairing your summer dress with heels that boast a different colour, texture, or shape than your dress. The unexpected combination can truly make heads turn and make your outfit a captivating masterpiece!

From Casual To Chic: Redefine Your Summer Dress With Jewelry

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The enchanting world of jewellery can work its magic on your summer dress, transforming it into a formal masterpiece adorned with sparkle, colour, and captivating contrast! 
Adding a formal flair to your summer dress requires jewellery that complements the colour of your dress. Picture this: a blue summer dress adorned with stunning Valentia earringsfrom Amber Sceatsor pair ofAll Of My Heart Earrings by Mayol. They both create a delightful contrast between warm and cool hues!
If your summer dress is white, the world of jewellery is your oyster – any colour will effortlessly make it pop! Jewellery that matches the style of your summer dress exudes simplicity and minimalism. Daring to add a captivating necklace or earrings will introduce some dramatic flair! 
If your dress boasts a floral and romantic vibe, delicate and feminine jewellery like this exquisite Kennedy Necklace from Amber Sceats or the lovely Ferris Bueller Bracelet by Mayol works wonders in enhancing its charm.
Delicate and feminine jewellery are pieces that are small, subtle, and elegant. They usually feature fine chains, thin bands, or dainty charms. They can also have pearls, crystals, or pastel colours to add some sparkle and softness.
Let your jewellery reflect your captivating personality. If you're bold and adventurous, consider donning the Sylvia bracelet for an edgy and modern flair. For those who embody classic refinement, silver or gold jewellery will stand the test of time, lending a touch of timeless chicness to your look.

Accessorize To Mesmerize: Transforming Your Summer Dress 

Your Silk Casual Summer Dresses and Shirt Dress and Sun Mini Shoulder Dresses Midi Dress and Smock Dress
Belts, scarves, hats, and bags are some of the best options to add some colour, texture, and flair to your formal summer dress!
Cinching the waist of your fabulous summer dress with a sleek belt is the secret to achieving that enviable hourglass silhouette while adding a pop of contrast. Opt for a belt that coordinates with your shoes or bag for a cohesive look, or dare to be different with a statement piece like a faux crocodile waist belt or a chic chain belt.
Consider a colourful and patterned scarf to elevate your summer dress game. Playfully tie it around your neck for a touch of Parisian chic, and wrap it around your flowing locks for a hint of bohemian glamour. You could also adorn your handbag with it for an effortlessly chic detail!
A fabulous hat is the pièce de résistance that adds a dash of panache and protects your delicate complexion from the sun's rays. Embrace a carefree vibe by pairing a floral dress with this charming straw hat by Self-Same. Otherwise, channel your inner fashion maven with a sophisticated wool fedora gracing a solid-coloured dress.
A fashion-forward lady like you needs a bag that not only glamorises her dress but also keeps her essentials close at hand. Stay on top of your bag game with this exquisite Diamonte Mesh Bag Black or Diamonte Bag Silver. They are stylish pieces that will harmonise with your shoes or belt!

Embracing Elegance: Blazers & Fur Jackets Add A Formal Flair

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Blazers and jackets are the magic wands that grant you the power to radiate warmth, exude style, and captivate onlookers! With a carefully chosen blazer or jacket, you can create striking contrasts, ignite curiosity, or exude impeccable sleekness. It all hinges on your colour choice, pattern,and fit.
A loose blazer is ideal if your dress has sleeves, like this one from Camilla and Marc; a patterned blazer does wonders for a plain dress; and a jacket the same colour as your dress is for a super-formal look. 
You instantly introduce a layer of refinement by draping a tailored blazer over your delicate dress. Take this Sorrento Jacket by Camilla And Marc: This infusion of sleekness and sharpness works wonders in elevating your ensemble to a more formal realm.
The soft, opulent texture of fur jackets imbues your summer dress with a regal charm that effortlessly commands attention. This Valencia Fur Jacket by Bubish is a prime example of beauty! 

Achieving Formal Flair: Glam Up With Silletos & Earrings

Different Styles Flaunt Your Hot Summer Dresses and a Floral Print Cute Summer Dress
Black or metallic stilettos introduce a contrast between your summer dress's light and vibrant hues and your pair of dark, sleek stilettos. The eye-catching effect gives you a timeless and sophisticated style capable of elevating any summer dress!
Stilettos like the Mopsy Black or Myra Gold by Tony Bianco have a classic and versatile design that harmonises beautifully with a summer dress. It elongates your legs and improves your posture so that you can have more confidence. 
A pair of showstopping earrings are a must-have to glam up your summer dress! They infuse a touch of brilliance and allure to your facial features, capturing attention towards your impeccable makeup and augmenting your overall allure.
When selecting earrings, consider the shape and colour of your face and your summer dress. Opt for earrings that complement your distinctive features. If you have a round face and resplended blue dress, long earrings with silver or white accents like those from Emma Pills can be an exquisite choice!
Balance the size and detailing of your earrings and other accessories. If you're already donning a statement necklace or a bold ring, smaller and simpler earrings will prevent your outfit from appearing excessive. Similarly, opting for little to no accessories allows you to go for more intricate and elaborate earrings that command attention! 
Transforming your summer dress into compelling formal attire starts by understanding how each part fits together. High heels elongate your stride, while the correct jewellery shapes and sizes add a splash of colour and sophistication. Accessories like belts, bags, and scarves give you a dreamy hourglass silhouette! Remember to consider blazers & fur jackets for their unique qualities. Have fun!


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