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What Jacket To Wear With A Tube Top Dress

  • 4 min read
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Tube top dresses are sexy. They provide your body with the alluring corset-esq outline without the unforgiving pinch. Your shoulders and clavicle are displayed, which elongates your neck, giving you a graceful look. But the style can be chilly, even in summer, thanks to over-airconditioned establishments and nippy nights. Therefore, you need a jacket to wear with a tube top dress.

Tube top dresses go with many styles of jackets, coats, blazers, and cardigans. Tailoring will give you a slim, feminine silhouette that flatters the curves. Casual looks are achieved with a denim jacket or cozy knit. Evening wear needs a coat or blazer up to the task.

Tube top dresses are no longer seasonal. People wear them throughout the year, including winter. But it makes the jacket question all the more essential, even if you've layered the dress over a top with sleeves. The essential details to consider are the occasion, fabric, tailoring, and hem length.

What Jacket To Wear With Tube Top Dress?

Tube top dresses are so versatile they can pair brilliantly with a whole range of jackets. Forget the old-school fashion rules; we're in the modern world now! This means you can have an absolute blast mixing and matching different styles to create a look that's uniquely you.

However, some guidelines are worth keeping in mind. For instance, a long, voluminous coat paired with a maxi-tube-top dress can swallow you in fabric and risk looking sloppy. Instead, cropped jackets or semi-cropped cardigans add definition to your waistline, creating a more flattering shape. When layering a coat over your dress, belts can also help create a more streamlined silhouette.

Additionally, fabrics play a huge role. For formal occasions, it's ideal to match the materials. Consider weddings where satin blazers or bolero are paired with a satin dress. But there are exceptions to the rules. For instance, a denim jacket over a tube dress of the same material brings to mind a stuffed armchair.

Therefore, a deliberate, striking contrast can look fabulous. A classic example is a leather jacket paired with a satin dress to give a feminine look an extra edge. Alternatively, choosing a mohair cardigan will provide the same dress with a softer, more delicate feel.

But the crucial consideration when pairing a jacket with a tube top dress is the occasion. The same tube top dress can take you to a formal event or a Sunday picnic, depending on what you wear over it.

Blazer Or Coat For Formal And Evening Look

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Blazers, or coats pair well with tube tops when aiming for a formal look. But the fabric matters. Even if you are not matching the materials, you want something that screams "evening" rather than morning brunch.

So, for a Christmas party or an elegant winter night, velvet could be an excellent choice, such as the Vertigo Blazer. It would look fabulous with a black tube top dress or in a bolder colour, such as hot pink. If you prefer a shorter option that will set off your waist, the Crop Blazer is perfect.

Large and bulky jackets rarely scream elegance. But a boxy, fluffy, cozy coat can be perfect for evenings if the cut is right. For instance, the Lola Crop Jacket will still keep you warm without looking baggy or frumpish. Or, if you want more power to your shoulders, check out the Manhattan Feather Jacket.

Denim Jacket Or Cardigan For A Relaxed And Casual Look

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Denim jackets or cardigans can give a tube top dress a relaxed and casual look. But that doesn't mean it needs to look sloppy and shapeless. For example, the Alder Knit Crop Cardi accentuates the waist and, even when buttoned up, will still show off the flattering lines of the collarbone.

Longer denim jackets, such as Summi Summi's, work best with tube top dresses that are above the knee rather than a maxi. Add some white sneakers to the look, and it's sporty, urban, and casual. But if you are going for a more office-to-lunch spring or autumn look, give the jacket some shape, such as the Ultimate Muse Denim Blazer.

Jackets To Keep You Warm In A Tube Top Dress


Tube top dresses can seem like a challenge to stay warm. But with the right jacket, it can be easy. For instance, the Valencia Fur Jacket Denim is fun yet cozy, making it ideal when headed to the club. Or, if you need to look like an elegant snow queen, consider the Manhattan Feather Jacket in sage.

If you need to fight off the elements and elevate your look, look no further than theSorrento Coat from Camilla and Marc. Crafted from a luxuriously textured fabrication, this coat exudes sophistication. The panelled design creates clean lines, while the exaggerated shoulders create a strong and powerful silhouette that will turn heads. The sharp collar and lapel give the coat a refined and polished look, perfect for your tube top.

Create A Feminine Look With Tailoring Or Blazer

Tailoring or blazers can create a more feminine look than a long, boxy jacket. But even those who prefer a looser line still benefit from proportions, so ensure the shoulders come out wider than the waist. For instance, the Carine Blazer is roomy yet nipped at the waist, providing a professional, feminine elegance.

But the amount of tailoring required also depends on body type on hem length. The drapey Flint Blazer works for shorter or sheath-like tube top dresses. But flowy tube top dresses, especially those with a fuller and longer skirt, do best with the tailored and belted look, such as the blazer provided by Odd Muse.

Deciding what jacket to wear with a tube top dress heavily depends on the occasion and hem length. Fabrics also play a significant role in setting the tone, such as velvet and faux fur for evenings and denim and knits for days. Also, if you struggle to retain a flattering shape, you can often fix it with a belt, even if the jacket didn't originally come with it. But most of all, have fun with it.




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